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Parent Letter about Work Experience

Parent Letter about Work Experience

November 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

I write to you concerning Work Experience for Year 10 students in 2018.  Work Experience is an optional activity that some students, parents and employers can regard as an essential part of the post-College journey.  This process can culminate in the selection of subjects for the final two years of schooling.  Work Experience can assist students to focus on their interests and abilities, and allow students to contemplate various life choices and career options.

WORK EXPERIENCE WEEKS.  In 2018 following weeks will be available for students to choose from

Term 2 Week 8  (Monday 18 June to Friday 22 June)
Term 2 Week 9  (Monday 25 June to Friday 28 June)
Term 2 Week 10 (Monday 2 July to Friday 6 July)


Please note, however, that to ensure that every student who chooses has the opportunity to attend Work Experience, as has been the case in previous years, students can apply for Work Experience outside these times, on a case by case basis, following discussion with Ms Payne and the Principal. 

To allow for student supervision, the number of students permitted to undertake work experience in any given week will be capped at 8 students.  Students will be expected to make sure that their school commitments, such as Assessment Tasks and Sporting Commitments, have priority. In other words, school will continue as "normal" during the period that students are on Work Experience. 

Please note, that as a general rule, students are not to do Work Experience with an immediate family member. This is because Work Experience is designed to provide an experience that is different from regular student experience. Any exception to this would need to be discussed, preferably in writing.

Students are also discouraged from attending Work Experience in a Child Care Centre or a Primary School, unless this is their Post College Career Path. This, again, is designed to ensure students gain relevant Work Experience opportunities.

This letter addresses some of the more commonly asked questions and concerns about Work Experience.  For a more detailed overview, parents are directed to read the four other relevant documents, namely

  • The Workplace Learning Guide for Students
  • The Workplace Learning Guide for Parents and Carers
  • The Workplace Learning Guide for Employers, and
  • The Student Placement Record 

These documents are also available at the College Website (see Careers, Work Place Learning, then Required Documents).  

WHITE CARD.  Parents are often unsure about whether or not their child should get a White Card. A White Card is a legal requirement for any student doing Work Experience in a building trade, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, joinery, wall tiling, painting, concreting, paving, PLUS landscaping, surveying, maintenance work, air conditioning, installation of kitchen cabinets and fencing.  Students applying for Work Experience in these areas will be asked to show proof of a White Card.  

For students who need a White Card who are unable to do the White Card Training at Mount Carmel, there are classes held locally by Australian Training Solutions.  This is often a more expensive option, and is often on a Saturday. For details, contact Australian Training solutions on 9286 3566 or visit their website . 

NURSING FOR WORK EXPERIENCE.  There are some other important things that need to be considered by parents and students.  Students considering Work Experience at Campbelltown or Liverpool Hospital, need to apply via the College.  Students are requested NOT to apply directly to the Campbeltown or Liverpool Hospital.  Please note that Work Experience in a Hospital is a long process, and includes extensive medical checks, including blood tests.  Because of this, students are advised to allow at least 10 weeks for this process to ensure they secure a place. 

Please note, also, that for a student to be considered to study for a Certificate III in Nursing during Year 11 and 12 as part of the HSC Pattern of Study, it is a College requirement that each student successfully complete Work Experience at either Campbelltown or Liverpool Hospital.  As applications for the Certificate III are made to Campbelltown Hospital in July, this means that students must have completed their Work Experience prior to this.

WORKING WITH ANIMALS.  Students who intend to apply to do Work Experience involving animals also need to undertake additional processes, as, due to legal requirements, there will be additional forms to be completed, and each Student Placement application needs to be examined by the CCI (The Insurers).  Therefore, all students applying to do Work Experience involving animals, need to submit their forms before the end of Term 1, 2018. There can be no exceptions to this as the College is only allocated one submission each year to the CEC

All other Student Placement Records need to be submitted at least 2 school weeks prior to the intended Work Experience. Please remember that, as student numbers will be capped at 8 students in any given week of Work Experience, places will be allocated on a first come- first served basis.  Therefore, students are encouraged to submit their completed Student Placement Record well before the intended week to ensure they secure a place.

It is also important to note that, in general, the later students apply to organisations for Work Experience, the less likely it is that they will be successful. Employers often feel that if a student has left the process to the last minute, they are not really interested, and they are thus less likely to accept the student for Work Experience.

Finally, I wish to thank parents for their on going support of this program.  While it requires much effort on the part of students, parents and staff, it has been the experience of most involved that this is a valuable part of student development, and, as such, is well worth the effort.


Yours sincerely

Ms Nancy  Payne                            Mr Wayne Marshall